Friday, July 15, 2011

More on skin care products

Yesterday I put a handful of dried calendula flowers into a jar of 8 oz. of distilled water and let it set overnight. This morning I strained the calendula-infused water and put two oz. of it into a spritzer bottle. Then I added three teaspoons aloe vera gel, one teaspoon glycerin and chamomile, fennel and vitamin E essential oils. After shaking this mixture, the directions are to store it in the refrigerator, use it within two months and spritz it on your face for a refreshing facial toning.

After putting together the toner, I finely ground 2 oz. calendula dried flowers and put them into a jar into which I had put 10 oz of olive oil. Several hours later, I strained the calendula-infused oil and will use it for other recipes in addition to the lip balm recipe. Tomorrow I plan to make my first batch of lip balm using this calendula-infused olive oil and other natural ingredients. The main products that I use on a daily basis and I want to make myself out of pure ingredients are deodorant, moisturinzing cream, cleansing cream, facial toner, lip balm, bath oil and skin lotion. So far I have made deodorant, moisture cream and cleansing cream. Lip balm, lotion and bath oil are not far behind.

Wednesday was the day I pick up my order from Farmer Brown of the Heirloom Project. I purchased one-half gallon raw milk, one loaf whole wheat sourdough bread and one beef sirloin roast. I find the raw milk easy to digest, unlike the pasturized milk I had been trying to drink the past several years. Tomorrow morning we plan to shop at the Farmer's Market for green vegetables, carrots, greens and bacon. We have to get to the market by about 8:00AM in order to beat the crowd. Good Night!


  1. dear amazing post, I read it and helpful to me.
    calendula cream the best anti aging cream

  2. Thank you for your comment and for your question! Calendula has healing and soothing properties; so that is why it is a good ingredient for facial toner and lip balm. Vitamin E has excellent healing, repair and anti-aging properties. However, the best advice I can give you for anti-aging personal care products is to find the ones that do not contain any of the nine ingredients on my Product Ingredients Avoidance List. I am going to try to attach this list to my blog; so you can see for yourself. Burt's Bees products have pretty good ingredients; and there are other products available as well that do not contain ingredients such as mineral oil / petrolatum or parabens that actually dry the skin and clog the pores!!